Three Different Labeling Systems

A variety of labeling machine equipment can automatically place and secure most label types on a variety of containers. There are three different labeling systems, all of which use cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest speed and accuracy in the labeling machine market.

Hot Melt Glue Labelers

Hot Melt Glue Labelers apply thin stripes of molten glue to the back of a paper label that is then wrapped around the container. Soup and paint cans are often labeled this way.

Pressure Sensitive Labelers

Pressure-sensitive Labelers can apply a single wrap-around label to the front, back, and neck of a bottle, as well as the top and bottom of a container, or separate labels to the front, rear, and neck of a container. Accutek pressure-sensitive labelers range from economical tabletop models up to high-speed rotary labelers.

Sleeve Labelers

Sleeve Labelers drop a heat-shrinkable plastic sleeve label over a container. The label conforms to the shape of the container after passing through a heat tunnel. A short sleeve dropped over the container neck becomes a tamper-evident seal. Sleeve labelers are faster than other labeler types, able to label up to 200 containers a minute.


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