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Back in 2014, the founder of chinaprintech.com had been providing online information services for a number of important printing and packaging exhibitions in China.

Although there are a large number of B2B network platforms, although China's foreign trade business is booming, in China's printing and packaging machinery industry, there are still a large number of outstanding China manufacturers that have not developed overseas markets, and a large number of not well known advanced printing and packaging equipment.

Through careful productions selection, communication and cooperation with many manufacturers, we have screened out many printing and packaging machinery and solutions, with high functionality and high ROI rate, and recommended these machines and solutions to overseas buyers.

During the market quarantines due to the pandemic, select and purchase the suitable printing and packaging machiners and solutions through the network, has been gaining momentum.

As an important part of the world printing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry, China manufacturers continue to innovate, more and more excellent and suitable Made-in-China printing and packaging machiners and solutions have been introduced on chinaprintech.com.

'Be one step ahead' is a motto that defines chinaprintech.com's duty and value. We're proud of our achievements and rely on thanks and affirmation from customers and manufacturers.

Since 2014 to now, as China's most professional online B2B marketplace of printing and packaging industry, connecting buyers with suppliers. chinaprintech.com will live up to expectations, continuous developing and inovating, from good to great.

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